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Dear guests,
for the smooth operation of Iria Beach Camping and your safe and pleasant stay, it is required that you accept and comply with the following rules during your stay at the campsite:

  1. Upon your arrival, you must go through the reception (08.00 - 00.00) and fill in a form with your data, hand in your ID card or passport (which will remain until your departure time) and sign for the acceptance of the camping rules and Covid-19, as well as for your consent to the use of data GDPR, on the part of the company. You also need to state the length of your stay.
  2. Your camping places are designated by the reception and can be changed for specific reasons and after timely notification by the management.
  3. Restrictive measures concerning Covid-19 change frequently, so please inform the management in time. When visits are allowed, visitors are required to go through the reception desk to keep a visitor's record of their personal information. Visitors must park their vehicles in the entrance car park and leave within two hours. Longer stays will be charged according to the price list. They can be served at the bar, the mini market, the playground, and the swimming pool (at extra charge).
  4. In the event of a change in the number of people to be accommodated or in their accommodation (additional tents, larger or other vehicles, etc.), the management must be informed and agreed immediately.
  5. Campers and visitors are required to keep the site clean and not to cause damage or harm to the environment and facilities. In case of their fault, they shall be fully responsible for the repair of any damage. The campers are responsible for the cleanliness of their campsite.
  6. Campers upon departure must remove all their belongings or if they wish to store them at the campsite, they must make prior arrangements with the management.
  7. All campers who have pets must bring with them the health booklet of their animal, which will state that it is fully vaccinated and in good health. The rules described in the relevant law must be observed, Law 4039, article 5 (Government Gazette 15/2-2-2012) and a copy of the health booklet must be handed over. Animals are not allowed to enter the campsite and the rules of cleanliness and hygiene must be strictly observed. Animals must be tethered and under the supervision of the owner at all times. Animals are not allowed to use the showers and WCs. In case of accident or escape of the animal by the owner, no responsibility is assumed by the management. The presence and swimming of dogs on the beach are described in the above law.
  8. During quiet hours (15.00-17.30 and 23.00-07.00) we all have to observe and respect the respective rules. Keep your music volume low throughout your stay at the campsite so that all campers can listen to the music of their choice. The music in the bar will be turned off at 00.00.
  9. Only campers' vehicles are allowed to enter the campsite at a speed of 5km/h and without occupying a camping pitch.
  10. In case of theft of campers' personal belongings, the management is not responsible.
  11. In case of illness, sickness, accident, etc., the management must be informed immediately to call the associate doctor or the ambulance and provide first aid.
  12. In the camping areas throughout your stay, you must accompany and supervise your children, in every place and circumstance. Parents are fully responsible for the observance of the rules by their children, as well as for their safety, especially in the toilets, bathrooms, pool, and playground.
  13. Covid-19: due to the pandemic and the relevant legislation, there is a Health Protocol, which must be strictly observed by all.
  14. Campers are not allowed to interfere with the plumbing and electrical installations. In any case of emergency, the management will find a solution.
  15. The management of Iria Beach Camping is not responsible in case of natural disasters (fire, flood, tornado, etc.) or terrorist attacks.
  16. Garbage should be thrown only in the garbage bins already placed.
  17. Any construction, addition, interference, etc. that changes the appearance of the campsite is prohibited without the prior notification and consent of the management.
  18. Permanent camping pitches include the caravan, its tent, one car, and a stay of four persons. The four persons will be registered by name in January of each new year. Electricity will be charged by energy meter and according to the electric company's billing. Additional vehicles and persons will be charged according to our price list
  19. For any of your difficulties, complaints, or needs, please let us know! Our desire and purpose are that everyone's stay at Iria Beach Camping is pleasant, peaceful, safe, supporting each other!
  20. The management has the right to add or modify the rules for the proper functioning of Iria Beach Camping, depending on the needs that arise or legislative changes.
  21. In case of non-compliance with the above, the management is entitled to request the immediate removal of campers and/or visitors from the campsite.

Let us all contribute to the IRIA BEACH CAMPING to continue building beautiful memories from generation to generation!!! Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation!!!

With appreciation,
Nikos Drouzas
Stavroula Delibaltadaki

Thank you for your preference, from 1972 until today, from generation to generation...

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