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Winter holidays
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Counseling and Psychotherapy for children and adults (Greek)
Parents School
Experiential seminars
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Iria Beach Camping is a family-run business that has been operating since 1972. A beautiful destination for thousands of families who have enjoyed unique moments there, making happy memories with their loved ones.

Iria Beach Camping has hosted babies who grew up vacationing there every year, got married, and brought their children to experience their parents' and grandparents' holiday places. Permanent guests who return year after year to their cottage, their own family of friends and acquaintances. Intimacy, trust, mutual respect, solidarity, friendliness, hospitality, define the daily life at Iria Beach Camping. During each year, everyone is eager to come back to the same beloved place and share the enchanting landscape of Iria, Greek music, traditional dances, Greek cuisine, traditional festivals, artistic activities for adults and children, group games, and other surprises.
Iria Beach Camping owes much of its successful journey through time to the natural environment in which it is located. Iria is a lowland, small, picturesque, quiet, and romantic village that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. The plain of Iria lends itself to many crops, with the dominant one being the cultivation of artichoke, which covers the largest amount of production in the whole country and which is celebrated every year with festive events that attract local and foreign tourists.
There are important sights worth visiting: the Tower of the Signals (Phryktoria), the church of St. Nicholas, the Monastery of Augou, etc. It is 22 km from Nafplio and is very close to very important historical destinations, such as the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, Ancient Tiryns, Mycenae, the Acropolis of Ancient Assinia, etc. It is the place where everyone can calm down, rest, and get the strength to return to the routine of their everyday life, waiting to return to Ilia again. It is the village of peace, tranquillity, security, short distances, natural beauty, sports, ideal for family holidays or adult holidays seeking a real rest from the intense and soul-crushing rhythms of their own lives. It can also be a destination to recover from a health problem, as the conditions are perfect for immediate recovery. Everyone can walk, run or cycle in complete comfort and safety in the beautiful rural plain of Iria. The weather conditions in Irias are ideal: a few days of the year, the weather is cold, the temperature is usually high enough to allow sea bathing almost every day. The beach is safe, easily controlled by parents, and easily accessible, and the sea is shallow, sandy, and crystal clear with a unique sunset! We recommend water sports (mainly windsurfing and diving), fishing, boating, and long stays on the beach! The diet in Irias is also excellent due to the fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish and the local meat and dairy products, which can easily be purchased daily.

Iria Beach Camping remains open all year round with friendly infrastructure for safe and relaxing holidays: mini-market, bar, swimming pool, playground, medical clinic, free Wi-Fi, movie screenings for children and adults, counseling/psychotherapy services for families, children, adults, and couples (in Greek), events for children and adults (group games, experiential seminars, sports, music nights, etc.).

The mini-market and the bar are open from June to September. The swimming pool is open in July and August. A car with bakery products passes by the camping, every day.

We are waiting for all of you, old and new friends to become a great company at Iria Beach Camping!!!

Thank you for your preference, from 1972 until today, from generation to generation...

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